Hello there, my name is Thanos.

I am a maker of digital experiences, based near Mount Olympus, Greece.

I’m the founder of Wireframe Plus and proud member of the CSSIgniter team Head of Design at Incrediblue. I am kind of (a)big(deal) & tall and my friends call me klou.

I don’t consider myself an artist or a writer, but I do write some poetry & short stories for kids (in Greek) when I have the time. I consider myself extremely lucky because I get paid to do what I love while I have time to enjoy my family, my friends, the Sea and the Sun in a beautiful country with huge economic problems.

I have started my one-man design studio back at 2006 and I was fortunate enough to design for global brands as Christie’s, Manchester City, Hearst Publications, KIA, International Institutions as NOAA, awesome Startups like Incrediblue and extremely useful applications like HitTail. I also enjoy selling things online. I’m about to start a small e-shop with local products from mountain Olympus and for a couple of years I was the e-commerce manager of a big fashion clothing outlet.

I have spoken at a couple of conferences about WordPress, design and the future, I love to travel and I have a special bond with New York City even though the last time I was there I had some issues with Batman.

Me and Batman


But it’s all good now!

Other than that, I like to lose myself inside Japanese Literature, ride my bike and watching old NBA games with the man who used to fly while wearing the legendary 23.


About this website

I love this website. It might be old, outdated, missing my newest work and not exactly what I need as a website right now,  but I love it. It’s my home on the web and it’s difficult for me to change it.

Social stuff

My portfolio here might be a little outdated, but you can check my latest designs on dribbble. You can also follow me on Twitter. I usually post some interesting stuff about web design, arts, NYC and myself :)

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