My friends

Some say,

“show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Gerasimos Tsiamalos – A highly skilled web designer and WordPress Magician.

Vassilis Mastorostergios – A jack of all trades. Web designer, Front end Developer, WordPress Guru & Fashion Model ( Well, no, but he could be ).

Yiannis Konstantakopoulos – Concept Web designer and one of the best writers I know.

Helen Gizi – If you ever need a logo, an illustration for the web or print and choose this Graphic designer, you’re going to be amazed!

Apostolos Grigoropoulos – Founder of

Alex lingris – Web front back ux ui designer developer, rapper, writer and a poet.

George Gatos РBusiness development superstar. Startup Specialist.

Viktoras Angelopoulos – Web developer. US TV-Series strategist.

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